Guise Etiquette


Step 1 Shave Gel + Facewash

$ 12.00 $ 16.00

Step 1 Shave Gel + Facewash
Step 1 Shave Gel + Facewash Step 1 Shave Gel + Facewash Step 1 Shave Gel + Facewash

Purpose: To cleanse skin and reduce ingrown hairs from shaving

Results: Hydrates skin and leaves a healthy, bump free complexion

Step 2 Aftershave Balm

$ 10.50 $ 14.00

Step 2 Aftershave Balm
Step 2 Aftershave Balm Step 2 Aftershave Balm Step 2 Aftershave Balm

Purpose: A post-shave moisturizer that provides healing properties and reduces redness

Results: Leaves skin feeling nourished and soft


I was so pleased with the results I will DEFINITELY be purchasing in the future. I used the face wash and the aftershave, and I loved them both! The face wash/aftershave combo really reduced the redness on my face and made our wedding photos come out perfectly.

– Erik Magnus

I never thought I needed skincare until I tried Guise Etiquette. Two simple steps and no more breakouts, no dry skin, and I swear I look and feel younger. The products smell great, feel great... I don't know how I lived without them!

– Andy Andersen

I've been looking for a skin care product that works, that I feel good putting on my body, and one that I can use with a clean conscience. Guise Etiquette has met and exceeded those expectations.

– Anthony Parker

I am a young professional that lives a busy lifestyle between the office, gym and blogging. Time is a scarce resource. Fortunately I came across Guise Etiquette. Guise Etiquette products are my one stop shop for all my menscaping needs.

– Jack Reynolds

I'm a super low-maintenance guy and my morning routine usually involves cleaning my face with whatever is available in the shower. My fiancée bought me the face gel and the aftershave. I definitely feel the difference. It's a refreshing wash and I really like how the aftershave doesn't feel oily. I am a big fan of the number system and it makes this process a lot simpler for guys like me who are just starting to think about skincare.

– Jace Almendinger