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A Vastly Superior Grooming Experience

Get a professional treatment with every shave and wash, in the comfort of your home.

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Designed and engineered for men

The modern man demands a high-quality, economical, and efficient solution to meet his skin care and grooming needs.
Guess what? You just found it.

Natural and wildcrafted ingredients

Our product recipes are carefully crafted as farm-to-face to ensure you get the maximum health benefits without all the filler and other unpronounceable, synthetic junk in other brands. In fact, many topical synthetics out there damage skin and even cancer, but our natural products do just the opposite: promote healing and imbue antioxidants.

Formulated for men

Women's skin is physically and physiologically different from men's skin, and as such men shouldn't be using female or "unisex" products. Our ingredient profile and concentrations are carefully planned and executed from lab to bottle to suit men.

It's OK to look handsome

Our product line is designed with the 21st century man in mind. Whether you're a businessman or a lumberjack, you need to take care of your skin (it's an organ, just like your brain!) and it just so happens that it's our passion to help you with that.


I was so pleased with the results I will DEFINITELY be purchasing in the future. I used the face wash, facial moisturizer and the aftershave, and I loved all of them! The face wash/moisturizer combo really reduced the redness on the sides of my nose and made our wedding photos come out perfectly.

– Erik Magnus

I never thought I needed skincare until I tried Guise Etiquette. 3 simple steps and no more breakouts, no dry skin, and I swear I look and feel younger. The products smell great, feel great... I don't know how I lived without them!

– Andy Andersen

I've been looking for a skin care product that works, that I feel good putting on my body, and one that I can use with a clean conscience. Guise Etiquette has met and exceeded those expectations.

– Anthony Parker

I am a young professional that lives a busy lifestyle between the office, gym and blogging. Time is a scarce resource. Fortunately I came across Guise Etiquette. Guise Etiquette products are my one stop shop for all my menscaping needs.

– Jack Reynolds

I'm a super low-maintenance guy and my morning routine usually involves cleaning my face with whatever is available in the shower. My fiancée bought me the face wash and the lotion. I definitely feel the difference. It's a refreshing wash and I really like how the moisturizer doesn't feel oily. I am a big fan of the number system and it makes this process a lot simpler for guys like me who are just starting to think about skincare.

– Jace Almendinger