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Guise Etiquette

Why choose guise etiquette?

Every single ingredient in our products is hand-picked to not only have an impactful, measurable difference on your skin but also to work synergistically with one another to improve skin health and wellness. That means reduced acne, no dry or flaky areas, less redness, and diminished signs of aging. The best part? It's all backed up by good old-fashioned science and rigorous testing.

the perfect shave in 2 easy steps:

Step 1 Shave Gel + Facewash


Step 2 Aftershave Balm


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Handcrafted by an incredible team

Handmade in Los Angeles, Guise Etiquette is passionate about adding a personal touch to every single product we make. Having a hands-on approach enables us to have complete control of everything from our formulations focused on health and wellness to our high-quality, ethical ingredient sourcing. We want everything that we can offer to benefit both you and the planet, which is why we use sustainable materials like recyclable amber glass bottles and packaging as well as natural preservatives and biodegradable materials.

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