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Guise Etiquette Launches New Products on Amazon

Guise Etiquette Launches New Products on Amazon

Exciting news!  Guise Etiquette has become more than just a skin care line; it now has a series of electronic products available to its customers at a great price.  "We're always looking for ways to expand our product line in order to meet our customers' evolving needs," commented Ada Trinh, Guise Etiquette's co-founder and CEO.  "We found that men were looking for more than just skin care. They wanted a whole grooming experience, so after listening very closely to feedback and suggestions, we went to work on designing the perfect tools that guys need in order to look their best." 

Although men’s skin care is continuing to see a rise in interest, Guise Etiquette has not lost sight of our customers’ other needs.  With our new line of electronic shaving products, men can have the complete grooming package. To style your facial hair, you begin with our Step 1 Shave Gel which acts as an excellent face wash to clean out your pores while softening the skin in preparation for your trimming. Then, you use the Guise Etiquette 3-In-1 Nose, Ear, and Hair Trimmer to shape and remove any unwanted hair.  The final step is to finish with our award-winning Step 2 Aftershave Balm which adds a layer of moisture that keeps your face healthy, clean, and shine free.

The trimmer is just one of the many new things that we have available.  Check out the links below to learn more about the different ways we're meeting the needs of the man on the go:

3-In-1 Nose, Ear, and Hair Trimmer Kit

Nose and Ear Trimmer

Pen Brow Trimmer

Personal Care Travel Kit

Shoe Shine Kit



Written by Andrew Messersmith, Brand Manager at Guise Etiquette





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