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  • Tailored to protect you. After extensive research and testing, Guise Etiquette is able to provide a mask that surpasses world standards and provides you with the ultimate protection against harmful germs.

    Superior mask design. Our laboratory-tested mask repels droplets more efficiently than cotton masks. The inner third layer helps prevent "maskne" face acne by killing up to 99.61% of bacteria that come into contact with the material.

    Measurements: Approximately 8 inches across and 5 inches chin-to-nose with the nose flap deployed

    Country of Origin: Vietnam. We only use manufacturers that are SA8000 Certified at a minimum.  This certification conveys a high standard of ethical manufacturing conditions using workers that are paid a living wage and operate in safe conditions.  Materials are sustainably sourced.  Please click the link above to learn more.

    Material Initial Filtration Efficiency (%) Filter Quality Factor (1/kPa)
    Cotton 5 5.4
    Silk 4 2.8
    Nylon 23 0.4 💩
    Polyester (our mask) 17 6.5 😎
  • Superior filtration. Our masks have some of the best Initial Filtration Efficiency and Filter Quality Factor on the market

    Maximum protection. The outer hydrophobic layer restricts droplet penetration, the middle hydrophobic layer filters unwanted particles, and the inner hydrophilic layer wicks sweat and provides a cool space for your face

    High tensile strength. Demonstrating superior toughness and resistance, our masks won't show signs of wear and tear compared to paper or disposable masks

    Washable and reusable. Rinse with soap and warm water to clean

  • After opening a new package, hang the mask in order to air out any new material odor. We recommend hand washing only; washing machines tend to be much harsher and will more likely unthread the material.

    After thirty (30) washes, replace with another one of our masks to maintain the greatest level of protection. We do not advise wearing a mask after 30 washes due to fiber displacement from constant washing, which increases the likelihood of higher particle and germ penetration.

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