Guise Etiquette

Mask Chains

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    An ultra-lightweight and convenient way to carry your mask, these chains pair perfectly with our Guise Mask™. Our high-quality acrylic stays cool in every season (especially summer!) and is very durable.

    Material: 100% High-Quality Acrylic. Weighs only 1.3 ounces total!

    Length: 23.5 Inches (20cm)

  • Attach the clips to the ear loops and wear the chain around the back of your neck. Whenever you need to remove your mask, simply pull the loops off your ears and let it drop. The chain does the rest of the work!

  • Each link can be individually attached or detached, so buy multiple colors and customize to your liking.

    Currently available in six colors:

    • White Agate
    • Black Obsidian
    • Gray Howlite
    • Tortoise Shell
    • Clear Quartz
    • Blue Lapis

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