Guise Etiquette

Gold Chain Mask Necklace

$ 10.00

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    Our stylish Snakechain Necklace will keep your face mask handy wherever you go.  The chain ensures that you don't have to touch your mask unnecessarily or place it on a dirty surface or unclean bag, thus keeping the mask clean for your protection.  Pairs perfectly with our Guise Mask™.

    Material: Gold-Plated Metal Alloy

    Length: 28.5 Inches (72.4 cm)

  • Attach the clips to the ear loops and wear the strap around the back of your neck. Whenever you need to remove your mask, simply pull the loops off your ears and let it drop. The strap does the rest of the work!

  • Flexible and lightweight. BONUS: you can wear the chain alone as a necklace when you are not wearing a mask.

    Currently available in:

    • Gold