Guise Etiquette


Looking to list Guise Etiquette products on your dropshipping store? Please read the following instructions.  There is no cost to sign up for a dropshipping account with us, but you must complete all the steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Request that we convert your account to a dropshipping account by emailing
    Include your business name, website, tax ID and resale tax certificate number for verification
  3. Only by request: you must have already completed all necessary onboarding paperwork (Terms Agreement, NDA, etc) signed and returned to us prior to submitting your first order

After you have been approved, you will be set up to order items for your customer as if they were ordering right from your own website.  Meaning, whenever a customer submits an order on your store, you must come to our store and input the order for them, and we will fulfill it. 

In order to get your customers' items to them, follow these directions:

Additional notes and provisions:

Already have an approved account? Click here to sign in.