Guise Etiquette

About Us

Our Mission

Guise Etiquette is a lifestyle made purposeful. Our yin is our passion for conscientious living translated into our yang by means of thoughtfully designed goods. For us, it is proper form to be kind, involved, and present through way of sustainable product innovation, philanthropy, and community action. 

Our Story

Some stories start with a bang, while others with a flicker. Guise’s story began with a dilemma. In 2014, our founder, Ada Trinh faced a major problem while working as a film makeup artist. She discovered that the available men’s grooming products on the market were poorly scented and formulated with harsh chemicals. Her solution? An organic aftershave balm that stole the hearts of Hollywood’s elite and regular Joes alike   a product which became an instant onset and at-home essential. The first of its kind. 

Fast forward to today, Guise Etiquette has grown beyond the bathroom cabinet to create timeless lifestyle goods made accessible for everyone. In an ever-changing world, we strive to be a thoughtful constant through the turbulent motions of life. Like yin and yang, our products are designed to complement you for whatever state you find yourself in.

Ada Trinh, Paul Andersen & Andy Messersmith